Green algee in water tank

I have a green algae on the bottom of my water holding tank. How you guys usually remove it? I was thinking of adding some bleach to it, but I don’t want to run it thru pump. Cleaning by hand seems like a long process. Is there a chemical that I can just add to to water to get rid of it? Thanks for all the help

We wait until the tank is low, add a splash of bleach, agitate, and then rinse well. I doubt that the dilute bleach concentration will harm the pump. Just be sure to flow plenty of water through the pump for a good flush when you’re finished.

I’ve had to do that before, I add a little more bleach though. Just rinse the tank out good and you are good to go.

We do the same thing.

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We do the same. I usually add about 10 gallons. Less time to actually clean it IMO. I use a ball valve and spray it inside the tank to clean, agitate and rinse. We have drain valves between the tanks and pump as well. So there is less bleach that would actually go thru the pump.

+1 to that. I couldn’t live without a dump between tank and washer - so useful in this and many other situations.

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Just put a gallon of bleach in the tank let it sit over night and keep working. That little bleach won’t hurt anything, like pool water…