Greasy Windows

Not sure this is the place for it but what house wash mix would leave windows greasy if any?

I’m on a recall for semishoddy window cleaning I did with WFP and I recall the exteriors had a grease like film and those were the ones I came back to clean. They just had the house washed within a month prior to me doing the windows. And no I wasn’t the contractor. Limestone & stucco house.

The contractor that washed the house most likely applied wax as well.

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Ahh wax…that sucks.

I once used my x jet to wash and clean my wife’s car.

Monday I forgot, and added some SH, soap and went washing.

I went to go wash the windows with the wfp afterwards and it was the worst hydrophobic windows ever. That was a tough one

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I’d use dawn. It’s what’s used to strip wax off of cars.