Greasy Commercial Quote - Can I do it?

My wife’s favorite vegan shop had me come out to quote washing their concrete in front and back of their store. It’s dark, but I could tell it was really greasy, and the owner was like “it’s super greasy.” I could dig my fingernail into the grease. I’d really like to do this job, but I only have cold water and EBC. My question is do you guys think with pump spraying on straight EBC, dwelling 15 minutes, then surface cleaning, that maybe I could clean this up? I could do straight EBC, dwell, and surface clean multiple times if needed.

@squidskc, I know you’d say rent a hot water machine, but I don’t have a trailer yet so I wouldn’t be able to. I’d have to rent a truck and a hot water machine, and the square footage if pretty small. Maybe 300 square feet out front (not as greasy, lots of that dirty stuff that grows on sidewalk under trees), and maybe 300 square feet out back with heavy grease.

If you guys think it could be done, maybe not perfectly, but greatly improved with EBC and cold water, what would be a good price to charge for something so small, but so greasy?


That place is Nasty. Hell the front looks about like a dumpster pad. It’ll look better whatever you do to it. But hot water would really help. I would get some Sodium hydroxide or easiest thing to do is order some BD200. It’s pretty cheap. Here’s is link -

You can use ebc, 50-50 prespray the worst parts - and scrub it in some. Let dwell. then ds some over a few min before you wash. I’d be at $500 on that sucker for initial and then prob $250 on a monthly. This one will be a pain on the initial even if you had hot water. Don’t give it away, you’re going to be there awhile. It’s one of those jobs you hope you don’t win.

If you know the guy, most restaurants have spigots with hose adaptors at their dish washing station. You may be able to run your hose to that to fill up water tank with hot water or at least pre-spray and rinse with, especially in back.


Would you pretreat it with the caustic degreaser the same as you would with EBC? 50/50 pump spray, dwell, downstream it, then surface clean it? Repeat as necessary?

May not need to, it’s strong stuff. would still pre-spray worst parts tho. Probably could ds most of it.

Are you sure its a vegan place? Dosent greese come from animals? I need a copy of the by laws, when we’re they allowed to start eating fried food… Lol. I guess fried zucchini qualifies… Lol

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Thanks @Racer.

@Greg755, I’m pretty sure it’s vegan. They say it’s vegan. They advertise as vegan. I asked the owner tonight and his response was “We try to be really sneaky about keeping our food vegan but not tasting like it.” It was interesting. Good food though for sure.

Make him pay you in steak.

Walk away


knew that was coming


Under Promise and Over Deliver give him a heads up they with it being so bad for so long it may not come out 100%.

Something you may be able to try if you can did your nail in it is take a flat shovel to remove the top layer of grease off.

Like Racer said though whatever you do will look better then it does now.

Make sure to have one of these

Instead of pump spraying, dump 50/50 in a 5gal, dip brush into and scrub, let dwell 20 minutes, dont rush the dwell. Without heat, the dwell is most important part for you. Equally important is chemical.

Zep purple straight and scrubbed on damp surface, dwell 20 works. Should see suds turn brown almost immediately.

Even better product is this at Grainger.

You’ll probably have to go thru the process 3x.

Oh and go in $1 sqft. @Racer’s price was my first instinct, then add 20%.


Just ordered some of this and a nut splitter from Grainger. They probably think I’m a crazy person.


Thanks. I quoted the guy $500 like Racer suggested. He opened my joist estimate, but he hasn’t signed it or contacted me about it, so I’m not sure what he thinks. You guys really think it’s possible to do alright with cold water and chemicals?

I figured at $500 I could rent a truck and a hot water pressure washer, but maybe that’s cutting too much money out of my pocket if chemicals and time are better suited for me?

You wont be able to get it all without hot and even with heat, it would be tough. How much is it to rent truck/hw?

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Uhaul truck is $20 a day plus milage. Rented one when we moved recently and it was reasonable. I’d have to call around for a hot water unit, but I saw that Sunbelt Rentals had MTM hot water gas pressure washer for $187 for a day. So probably ~$250 total for truck and hot water. That’d leave me with $250 left from the job.

I’d like to bring home more, but I’d also like to use a hot water unit for my first time for fun since I can’t afford one right now lol.

But I see what you guys are saying though. Maybe a $10 scrubby broom from Home Depot and 5 gallons of this Nu-Brite or the Caustic Degreaser @Racer suggested. All this assumes the guy approves my estimate though.

Do you already have the chemical? Looking out for you because this stuff adds up quickly. Also, you’ll want to cover storm drains, at the least. Rubber mats and filters on the ground. Sand berms. Reclaim at the most.

It doesn’t leave you $250. If you went and looked at job, took pics, posted here, rented truck, tented machine, spent 2 hours washing, took back machine, took back truck then you’ve got at least 5 hours tied up in this job. Minus fuel, insurance yada yada you’ve made $200 for an entire day and may or may not have decent results. Walk away and go wash ba $200 house in an hour.

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Every guy should have a nut splitter…

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@HydroCleanAlabama check out the link above.

My wife went into Grainger for me a couple months ago. Guy didnt know her, but she explained why she was there, without mentioning my name.

He just shook his head and muttered, “Jordie, Jordie, Jordie…”

They think Im crazy too.

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