Grease on Trex board

Haven’t posted in a while what do you guy think the best method of getting these grease stains out of the trex board

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Going to mix some ebc up and spray on spots then wash… just wanted to know what other people might do


Thats what id do

there are special degreasers for food fat. I use them regularly for deck cleaning after people make a mess with there grills

What products are you talking about? It’s grease That came from there kicken

It’s called grease but it’s actually fat. Degreasers are ment to break down petroleum’s like oil. There is no petroleum in food.


I buy it from pwp in Clearwater FL . I forgot what it’s called but it works really well. Many places probably sell something like it . Hood cleaner products


Let us know if you remember the name. I run into grease stains on composite all the time.

ill try and get the name of it tomorrow


How have you removed in the past??

No. I tell the customer I can’t get them out. Grease and spray on sunblock I have never been able to get off composite decks.