Grease on asphalt

Got a small job doing some vynal on a friend of mines restaurant. Out back he has some grease on the asphalt that hes employees keep tracking in. I told him i cant use degreaser or heat but i try to rinse real good.
This might be one instance where some dawn dish soap and a brush might be necessary lol. Ill make him brush it haha. Anyone ever had any luck cleaning grease off asphalt?

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You got it. Dawn, some light scrubbing and a rinse is about all you can do.


Well you could do more. It would just be a bad idea. :wink:

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Lol. Ya he was telling me to hit it with my surface cleaner. Not going to do that. Just going to wash the building them tell him to scrub that grease with my special chemical why im washing. Ill add it to my invoice " free dawn dish soap grease scrubbing". Maybe he will have an employee start maintaining it.

Dragon Juice - what it was developed for

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Thats what i was wanting to hear. Ill order some and give it a try.


Dragons juice didnt work nor did scrubbing with a dawn and brush. I gave him a gallon of zep purple that hes going to try after he gets a price to have that section cut out and redone because the trash truck made huge ruts in it. Hes going to try it just for the heck of it because we are both curious what will happen lol.

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Did you follow the directions? LOL, did you even read them?

No and nope :sweat_smile: i just skimmed them