Gray concrete with spots after surface cleaner

After using a surface cleaner the driveway is gray and spotted. Not sure what it is but I’m not pleased with the results. Using the same machine the sidewalk looks as you would expect. Please help me identify the problem. Used a 14 inch surface cleaner with a 2500 psi 2.2 gallon machine.

It looks like a different type of concrete. Or like the top layer has been removed

Google “pinto concrete”

Looked up Pinto Concrete and there is surprisingly not much out there. But what i did see was it is characterized by big spots and general discoloration. Gave me a new appreciation for pouring concrete.
Any other suggestions of what this might be.
Using Google street view there appears to be some discoloration and splotchy appearance going back years.
I doubt my little machine using the surface cleaner actually did this damage by removing the cream from the concrete.
Should i return to the job and try using some SH, soap, and a wand? Is it just not properly cleaned?
Thanks guys. Learning by doing.

It is my understanding that vinegar applied and allowed to sit for about 30 minutes will unlock the pores of the concrete and clean the offending matter. The vinegar application should be well rinsed, also.

Seems as though,that could get expensive and time consuming…for something that is not your fault. I would just use my phone to show the customer that the condition was not of your making.