Gravity feed

I have a 4gpm 3500 psi AR direct drive pump mounted on mobile cart. Was wondering when I eventually setup a trailer with tank, will this pump be able to gravity feed with no problems? What size hose should be fed into it, and I’ve read to filter prior to pump, is that definitely necessary?
Also, if using customer supplied water, what would be the minimum pressure you all would require without using a tank?

I’m fairly new to washing houses, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

No problem with gravity feed on that machine. Usually you won’t have a problem with most houses. But having a buffer tank is always best.

Most houses, you shouldn’t have any problems with 4 gallons per minute. I would go with atleast 1 inch hose feeding from your buffer tank. Yes filter is a definite. A buffer tank is a great thing to have, even just a small one helps out alot

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By “buffer tank” you are meaning just a water tank between customer supply and pump, right? Customer water feeding into tank with some sort of float to shut off and gravity feed into pump, correct?

That’s right, just a water tank, customer feeding into top of tank and you can gravity feed from bottom if you have a 1 inch short hose you shouldn’t have any problem, no pump needed. I personally have a 425 gallon tank and a 225 tank. Both are gravity feed, even without customer supplying I can gravity feed my tanks almost empty with no problem. I’m not an expert, but If you have any questions text or call me anytime. 434-251-4114 be glad to help

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All clear now, thanks for the help.

Ive been wondering the same thing. Same concept works with a 5.0 gpm legacy pump?

I dont know about everyone elses, but i was going to elevate a 50 gallon tank above my direct drive pump. Same concept should apply? Correct?

This thread is 9 years old. :grimacing:

Some have luck with gravity feed on a direct drive and some don’t.