Graffiti Removal on Porous Brick

Does anyone have any recommendations about a product that will take graffiti out of porous brick?


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Worlds Best Graffiti Remover- Bare Brick

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Has anyone tried removing graffiti with a sandblasting kit hooked to an 8-10 gpm pressure washer

Not sure about the sand blasting but most companies in my area are just using water

Has anyone used this product? Reviews from folks on here would be great!

I have had great luck with a product called wipe out made by Dumond chemicals. You can purchase a pail of it at Sherwin-Williams for $20.00

I used it last fall to remove spray painted graffiti from a brick wall and it was completely gone with no ghosting. Simply apply it, let it dwell for a nit then powerwashing it off.
Ultra Wash USA

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I didn’t get any after pics but wipe out removed this completely except on the concreteam wall where a very slight shadow was left

Ultra Wash USA


Any body care to share what they charge for graffiti removal? I dont offer it as a service as of now but I figure I might as well. I could always just figure it out but it never hurts to hear from those with experience.

According to the description you can apply it and use garden hose pressure to wash the paint off? We had kids graffiti our campus this weekend and our landscaping crew has been removing it slowly.

Worlds best is by far the best for the $

What did you end up with using on the wall?

I’m not sure what they used. I passed the suggestion on to landscape maintenance and they handled it.

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I know a dude relatively local that has a dustless blaster. From what he was telling me that’s the way to go for graffiti removal. He doesn’t move his trailer anymore but when he started working he had many jobs like that.