Graffiti removal chems

Hey all,
I’m looking for an alternative to Taginator to test out.
I spent about 2k in the lat 2 weeks on this stuff and i feel like is should be getting better results for the price these chems cost.
If anyone has any experience with other brands or knows of brands I can try, please let me know
(Besides world’s best)
Thanks guys for all the information you share on a daily basis!

Prosoco Heavy Duty Paint Stripper and Fast Acting Stripper are my go-to’s. They’re about 150-200 per 5 gallon bucket. They need to be brushed on. Wet wall, brush on, let dwell, agitate, dwell, don’t let dry, pressure wash off.

Have you compared that to worlds best graffiti remover ?

I haven’t tried worlds best graffiti remover so I have no frame of reference. The name does make me chuckle though. World’s best. World’s best dad. World’s best chocolate chip cookies. Don’t want to knock their product but their site looks more akin to a Flexseal commercial. I just use what I was taught by guys with more experience than I had in age and by my suppliers.


I have, it’s more expensive than taginator with the same results 99% of the times

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Will look in that for sure.

I’ve had tremendous success with taginator but it doesn’t always do the job


IF you don’t mind educating me, are there any side effects of using this product on masonry? Example mortar crumbles, brick softer, etc. I have never used their product. Any difference on cinder block vs. brick vs. concrete?

That looks really good with very light shadow, what was the substrate?

Powder coated cladding, but it works on virtually any surface

Does that work for graffiti well?
What’s the dwell time and how many applications?

As long as you don’t let the chem dry on the surface, you’re good. No staining or residual effects to the masonry, concrete, block. You have to watch for any coated metal and cover those surfaces. Anything like coated window frames, cars, etc need to be masked off. If you’re rinsing and some wash off gets on the metal, all good just keep rinsing. The heavy duty will eat through up to 12 layers of paint. If you have a distributor close, they’ll have free samples too.

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Fast acting dwell is 10-15 minutes, agitate with brush and rinse. Heavy duty dwell time is 2-12+ hours. Takes longer but eats through thicker spray. I personally like the HD better because I can pre-wet entire wall, brush everything and then by the time I’m done brushing it’s usually time to start pressure washing.

Have to ever tried their graffiti remover?

I have not. I like heavy VOC’s :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.