Graffiti Pricing?


I got a call about removing graffiti from brick. I did it once before. Wasn’t really a big deal. Just charged a service call. But this guy today is getting his insurance company involved. He seems to think it’s a major disaster. Should I be charging a lot more?


Is your bill even going to exceed his deductible?


Don’t be that guy. Charge what you charge. Don’t let someone else’s actions cause you to raise or lower your prices


Silly question probably, but did you go look at it?


I’ll go look at it tomorrow morning. It could be a horror show. But probably not. He’s an old, nearly deaf guy, so there is a communication issue. I doubt I will exceed his deductible. That’s why I’m a little confused.

I’m not trying to be “that guy”. But if graffiti removal is considered a highly specialized skill that I can get $400/hr for, I’d like to know that going forward.


In my area graffiti removal goes for much more than normal washing. Double to triple depending on how urgently it needs to be removed and where its located.


What @Resident Grump said.


Monikers dont work…lol


If they want it done right away, charge them like you would for an emergency or afterhours service. Let them know up front and give rhem the option. Most of the time the paint is fresh and comes off easily.


Are you using a graffiti removal chemical or just pressure?


I took a look at it today. It wasn’t much. I was a little worried about the heavy texture of the brick. But the paint was only on there 2 days, so it came right off. I applied Wipe Out with a paint roller and gave it about 30 minutes, which was probably overkill.


Looks great buddy good job