GPM or PSI? Residential only (for now)

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I am new to this forum and the industry. Yes, I have experience,(with a small outfit) but not as a small business owner in this particular industry.
My question is; if I only intend to do residential upon launching my new business, what model/gpm/psi, would you recommend? Should I purchase something with more PSI or GPM? How important is belt driven vs. direct drive if I intend to use the customer’s water connection? I have ruled out the use of hot water, not much need for it in my market…chemicals will do just fine. In short, I was hoping you all could direct me toward something that would get the job done well for 1,2, and 3 story homes (vinyl and brick are 95% of my market) Suggestions of what chemicals are appreciated as well.

(I can Google this all day, but nothing is better than ontological input)

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Actually, nothing is better than searching. Every single question you have asked has been answered dozens of times


I work 3 jobs, 2 full time. I sleep 4 hrs a day. Not much time to search and read endless posts…therefore, my post and the drive to get my own business off the ground

Maybe sleep 2 hours a day and do research instead of sleeping. Not much of a pity party group here.


I run 2 8 gpm 3500 psi machines regardless if its residential or commercial

Thank you! And thank you for answering my question. And you did so with less words than the insult above :slight_smile:

If I wanted pity, I’d ask for it on Facebook. Fathom answered my question with fewer words than your entire insult. Thanks

He wasn’t insulting you. It gets soooooooo old people coming here and being too lazy to read and lesrn for yourself. Too many like you just wanna pop in and have their qeustions quickly answered. And you actually have the nerve to say you’re too busy to read and learn for yourself but yet, expect we’re not too busy to use what little time we have to answer the questions you could EASILY look up yourself.


It was less of an insult, and more of a tip. Everyone has a busy lifestyle, some more so than others, but it’s mostly relative. When you dont search, you are causing other people with busy lifestyles to spend time answering questions that have already been answered many times. Also, it’s not like a pump is leaking and you need speedy answers. You are asking a pretty generic broad question, so that stuff can be searched for when you have some down time. Like now.

That being said, i understand where you are coming from.

GPM is much more important than PSI, especially for residential. Minimum GPM is considered 4GPM, however 5.5 GPM is highly preferred, and 8 GPM is pretty much the best.

If you go higher than 4GPM, you will likely exceed the output of most residential homes, and will require a buffer tank. Belt drive or gear drive will pull from a buffer tank a lot better than a direct drive will. Some people can pull with a direct drive, others cant… depends on gravity sometimes.

Google downstreaming, that is the preferred method of application for house washes.

If you want to clean driveways/sidewalks/concrete, you will need a surface cleaner. That is the only time PSI comes into play, but with residential you still wont need that much compared to commercial. Any 4gpm machine should put out sufficient PSI for that.

You generally use bleach, water, and a surfactant (soap) to clean. Sodium Hypochlorite is the chemical name for bleach, and you can buy it in bulk at 12.5% concentrations, or by the gallon from grocery stores at 8-10% concentrations. There are specialized soaps, but you can get by with liquid dishsoap, like Gain. There are more chemicals for specific things, but thats a start for you.

P.S. - This isn’t a safe space message board. You got to have thick skin, especially if you ask ding dong questions. It’s worth it, though.


Note the days between my visits on this site. I pop up every 6 or 7 days. Not because I am “lazy” (I unload, by hand, 160,000 lbs of groceries per week…at just one of my jobs) but because I have 3 to 4 hours a day to research, eat, sleep, care for my 3 kids, tend to the house as a home owner, etc etc etc…many days I don’t even have the time to take a shower, much less read endless posts for what could be an easy, quick answer. So back off with the “lazy”. (btw - how many hours have I spent browsing this page and others, you know, since you are so acquainted with “people like me”?

Thank you for your extensive reply and taking your time to give it Tireshark. That was very helpful, I appreciate your help.

No prob.

Here’s another tip: Dont walk into a new bar and immediately get in a fistfight with Norm and Cliff, even if they say you dress funny. Just roll your eyes, and go grab that table in the corner.


@ChadR you have spent 2 hours reading on this site. It shows on your stats. Not only are you lazy, but ornery also. Probably best to keep unloading groceries. Not sure you are business owner material.


Oh lawd. :upside_down:

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How can you tell how much time someone has read? I want to find out how much time I’ve spent on here in like 3 months :joy:

Click on your name, then go to summary.

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Can’t find it

Nick you have read 3.3k posts over a total of 24 hours

I hate to sound like a kiss ass…but this kinda bugs me.
The whole point of people wanting you to read is you making the effort . Then you are more likely to retain the knowledge. Their are basic terms you need to research and learn. Then you can communicate on their level. Be happy that they accept new people here and allow us to learn from their experiences. All they ask in return is for us to make an effort and put the work in ourselfs.Thankyou for the opportunity to learn.

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Holy shit. I figured it was a lot but damn. Yea man, to the new guy above, do your research. Spend the time. Quit trying to be spoon fed all the stuff you want to know.