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Hey guys. Looking at buying a new washer to take over my 3 GPM hotsy. What is the most GPM that you can pull off of a house or commercial building to get maximum flow. I hear an 8 GPM. Machine wouldn’t work off of standard house hose volume. Maybe 5.5 would be better for resi jobs so I don’t have to supply water in a tank

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Some others will chime in but in my opinion I wouldn’t go with more then 4 maybe 5 but that’s probably pushing it in my area. If I were you I would just get the tank if possible so you could go bigger

Water flow from homes or buildings will be inconsistent at best, that being said, I feel it’s inefficient use of resources & time to pull directly off of a home or building water supply. Utilizing a buffer tank is insurance against the “What If’s” of water supply.

Depending on your specific set-up you may only need a 50-100 gal buffer.

I can’t imagine not using one…“What If’s” cost too much money.

Plus with a buffer tank you can setup your Powerwasher to go into bypass so it won’t overheat if you stop spraying a little to long. If you have employees or plan on having them having your Powwreasher setup to run in bypass if needed is a must.

What size buffer you guys using on your 8gpm setups? Or better question what could you get away with for residential use?

I use a 225 for a 5.5 and 8 at the same time, so I would have no isuue going to a 125 for a single machine. I have read from many experts that say you need 10 gallons in the buffer for every gpm of the machine.

I used 80 gallon buffer tank for an 8gpm machine before.

I have a 275 gal buffer tank to feed my 8.5 gpm machines on the truck. On some houses, the flow from the customers spigot is to slow, and I will burn through the buffer. When we do big driveways, I like to try and run both 8.5 machines with surface cleaners to make quick work… But a lot of times run into problems of the spigot not able to keep up with 17gpm being drawn from the buffer… When at all possible when trying to run two machines, I try to double feed the tank from two different spigots, or a spigot and a well pump etc…

525 gals here, running two 8 gpm units. Do I need it all the time?..No…Do I have it (tank volume) when I need it?..Yep.

But that’s what I have found works for us, use what works for you.

I understand the buffer concept. My pressure washer will be 4.8 GPM, If I go by the advice where someone else mentioned 10X your GPM, How do you prevent the buffer tank from overflowing?

The unique patented design of the Hudson Valve uses fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close the valve. This compact, self-contained design greatly enhances the valve’s reliability. The valve body is made of durable g

Tim beat me to it. We use nothing but Hudson float valves to keep the water from overflowing in our holding tanks. We also use a hydrant water fill setup but that’s another story.

I am guessing that you mount it at the top of the tank.

yes, install a bulkhead in the top of the tank, put a nipple in the float valve, screw it on and done.

I have the Hudson Valve but haven’t found the bulkhead I need yet. Where can I find them? I have a jury rig setup at the moment and its fine but it messes with my head because I know it’s not what it should be.

Call Bob at and do whatever he tells you…he’ll get you dialed in from waterhose to gun. Bulkheads, tubing, barb size, hose clamps…just do what he suggest and you will come out on top.

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Merry Christmas! Buy this and a tank and you can thank me in profits later! I paid more than this a few months ago for a 6GPM machine

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