GP TSF Pump Question

GX690 x 8gpm side-by-side belt driven machine.

Through a comedic sketch worthy sequence of events, it appears the machine got run for several minutes with no oil in the pump (like it was drained for a change no oil). All 4 belts popped in the same place. Made me check things out and my guess is the pump stopped turning, so the spindle on the engine tore through the belts. After test it appears the pump is seized up.

The question is, what does it need.
Is it trash?
Does it just need a seal rebuild?
Is it an “open it up and see” scenario?

I have the same model pump on an franken-machine that is dead, so a swap should get it up and running, but debating whether it’s a fix it or replace it scenario…

If it were me and I had the time, I’d pull it apart and see.

Always a fan of “pull it apart and see”, but not a fan of stopping production in the meantime. The other one I had wasn’t a match, so a new pump and belts are en route. Sounds like “boat anchor” was the best use the supplier could recommend, but I already have too many onboard.

Lack of lubrication means metal to metal contact which leads to heat. The metals will liquify & weld together. Time to open up the wallet.

Yep, going to have to create some form of a lock out/tag out system to flag a machine that has no oil in something, even if for a couple of hours. I can’t say anyone really did anything wrong, but it sure was an expensive coincidence…

Just don’t drain it until you’re ready to replace it with fresh oil.


Plungers are probably seized up in the guides would be my guess… as others said kinda starts to weld together with no lubrication

That would be the ideal plan… but when the shop guy realizes he needs to go grab one more thing from the autoparts store in the middle of the process, you wouldn’t expect someone else to swing back by the shop and grab that truck in the meantime :roll_eyes:

I’ve got extra crank and rods. bearing too. if interested in that should you need it. case has a leak somewhere. tsf.