GP Surface Cleaner help please

My GP 20" Surface Cleaner wand won’t spin. There is plenty of pressure coming through both nozzles. I have used WD40 and a little 3-in-1 oil (does not have a grease fitting). It spins real well when I do it with my hand but not under pressure. Any ideas?

When you turn it by hand, pull on it while you turn it to simulate the force of the water. The bearings may be binding up under pressure.

Reviving this thread. Went to do a back patio and the surface cleaner would not spin. Psi was a chill 2500. Did the patio with the wand and now I’m diagnosing the problem. In the photo where my thumb is is where the bar would attach and without any effort would spin with a pinky. This time, it is stuck solid and only a wrench can turn it. I can’t seem to get access to the ball bearings inside to see about cleaning and greasing it again. Do you think it’s time to order a replacement ? Sad part is I just got this like 2 months ago…

My first guess would be to check for clogged tips.

Update, got 2 flat heads and wedged them where the arrows are and it pulled the assembly out the casing. There was slight rusting, water, and barely any lube inside. I’ll have to figure out how water is seeping in and possibly washing out the grease. But I cleaned it out, greased it up, and re assembled. Spins like a top now :+1:

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There has to be an o-ring or gasket of some sort to keep water out. Make sure it’s not damaged. You could probably slap some rtv on it if need be. It’ll make it a little tougher to get apart next time though.

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what surface cleaner is it?

GP Hammerhead 20 inch

I’m sure you’ve read it and heard it before… but Whisper Wash Ultra Clean - Pressure Tek and be done with it… I went through 2 surface cleaners before pulling the trigger and needless to say I wish I would’ve done it sooner. I was trying to save a hundred bucks here or there, but in the long run I ended up spending more. We abuse the WW every single day - and it’s yet to give us any issues.