GP/COX Reels?

So I assume cox and gp are about tied in the bracket. But will either one hold 200ft of hose when it says it fits 150ft? I want to buy two reels to mount on the trailer but do I really need the 300ft reel or will the 150ft reel work for 200ft of 3/8 high pressure hose. Also, would the 150ft reel hold 100ft of 5/8 supply hose?

I don’t have experience with either brand, but manufacturers overstate rather than understate their capacities. If it says 150 feet, it’s most likely a comfortable 125, but can get 150 if you roll it perfect.

I have a Cox reel with 150’ and that’s about all I need. I always, always have 2 extra 50’ sections on every job (and 2 6’ whip lines just in case something blows). Rarely have I ever needed to add the extra 50’ to finish a job, but I guess that depends on your area. I do unroll every square inch of it though, no matter what job i’m doing. It tends to tie itself into knots when you let off the gun repeatedly. ( No matter how well I roll it up.Lesson learned)
I’d hate to unroll and roll up 300’ at every job.
Just my 2 cents.

I have 3 of these. One has 200 foot of kuri tek and another 100 foot on top of it of spare pw house.

One has 200 ft garden house

One has 200 foot of pw house and I bet I could put another 150 on it.

I bought a 150 for the same purpose of fitting 200’ on it. I received the reel. Will update here when the hose comes in. I looks like it will be a close call. I sure hope so bc I have no other use for it.

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