Gotta new toy

Thing purrs @ 175 psi…gotta love it!


We have one of theirs that I got for our shop…couldn’t believe how quiet it was!

ikr, it literally purrs, I want to put it in my lap and scratch it’s head. Hahahahhaa


It might bite ya if you try…

I need that fuel tank. You’ve still got my address right? I’ll wait for the tracking number…

Yeah, those are nice tanks…pretty much all we use for our machines. Downside, I have to stand on the bumper to fill it, and I’m 6’-5" :rofl:

Mine (soon to be mine) will be going on a trailer so I think I can reach it. C’mon Coop. Send it.

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What fuel tank :confused:

Not sure what you guys are talking about, lol

Don’t play with my emotions