Got the job. Now i need your help

Well. Got my first Softwash job.
I took the job without haveing the equipment to do it…
I have been doing research for the past month or so to do softwash as a addon.
And so…
I searched and purchased a “STARTER” used pressure washer, (2800 psi 3 gpm)and found a X-jet. (gotta love craigslist…)
Now before being “PRESSURED” into getting the used pressure washer, my plan was to DIY a soft wash system using A.C. locyers soft wash system as a model, haveing a 20 gallon chem tank.
The chems i was going to use in the DIY system was Water, sodium hypoclorite (Sh10%), and simple green , augmented with calcium hypochlorite (Ch 75%).

NOW… Since i am now useing a X-jet with a 5 gallon chem jug, should i now use STRAIGHT bleach
(liquid or powder) in the chem jug??
I have allready picked up liquid bleach (Sh12%) and powdered bleach (Ch75%) from the local pool warehouse.

The job is a limestone building with black stains (black mold?) on the north and south walls.
Thanks for your help paxpags

Ok, there’s a lot to fix here but the first thing is to forget about calcium hypochlorite or your first job could very well be your last after you get popped for leaving white stains all over the building.

Ok for the x- jet I will not use the Powdered bleach.
Straight liquid bleach in the Chen jug?

I’m a hardcore downstreamer and have never used an Xjet, maybe someone else can give you some tips there. I have an Mjet somewhere that was given to me but I never put a quick connect on it.

I’m pretty sure that unless you’re using proportioners that you will want to cut the 12% at least in half and definitely add a good surfactant like Fresh Wash.

Post pictures of the surface that you wish to clean.
Soft wash is what I sell. Soft compared to 3,000 psi that is.
I can not imagine xjetting straight hypo.

Are you sure that hypo is the recommended cleaner for this substrate?

The owners have used a bleach solution on it 3 years ago with good results
They don’t feel like doing it so asked me to.
From what I have researched liquid bleach is used in a soft wash to kill mold. I was thinking if adding dome simple green as a sufragent.
While fresh wash may be a great thing for most this is only one job and I may not get another for a long time so I will use CHEMS I can get locally.

Unless there is a strong reason to use a degreaser like Simple Green I would recommend using non-Ultra Dawn. It won’t give off toxic fumes and you don’t have to worry about damaging any sensitive surfaces with it.

Others may have better suggestions…

Dawn is a good surfactant. I also saw recently where someone was using baby shampoo from the dollar store.

How much softer can you get than that?

Be careful to not add too much surfactant. You’ll be rinsing all day with that machine (any machine for that matter).

I like the idea of dawn or baby shampoo as a surfagent agent!!
I was just thinking of using simple green cuz the bottle said it was good to use!! Thanks that helps a lot!!!

First rule of power washing- don’t trust the bottle.
At least not for off-the-shelf stuff.

Learn something every day! Makes sense when it’s thunk about. Don’t trust the bottle is a good first rule for bout anything! Thanks

Sodium hypochlorite can change the color of limestone from a white/grey to an off-white/orange hue. It doesn’t happen every time, probably has something to do with where the limestone is from, but it’s something that you should be aware of. EaCo Chem makes some specialty chemicals for cleaning limestone that may be safer. Whatever you do, do a test spot. Several of them, as a matter of fact, since you may have different blocks of limestone.

As for a local surfactant, non-ultra dawn will work - but I would suggest using a liquid laundry detergent. It’s designed to be mixed with bleach. I used to use laundry detergent years ago before I started using custom surfactants.

1st rule of business is have the proper equipment before taking the job. 2nd get over the idea you can’t softwash with a pressure washer I have washed 1000s of buildings with my pressure washer and used no real pressure.

Did you mean you can soft wash with a pressure washer?
Or am I missing something.

Indeed you can softwash with a pressure washer my brother from another mother,but you know this already.Unfortunately to many contractors have been led to believe that it can only be accomplished with a 12v pump and an over priced aluminum ladder rack.

We SoftWashed a house yesterday. Forty nine minutes.

With an electric pump. Not.
With eighteen gallons a minute. Yes.

Our first tag team of the year. Usually I sit in the truck while the boy washes.

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Finished the job… Check it out!!!
Thanks for your help!!!


Good job!
Keep it up and if you have any questions be sure to post them here.