Got the flow unloader

Yes, Interpump Group is the parent company of General Pump. Some GP parts are made in the USA but most are imported from Italy and sold through GP

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I figured that would have to be the case.

Got it installed finally! Man if this thing works it’s going to be a game changer. I can’t believe the line goes slack when off the trigger, it’s sorcery.

Just to confirm, I set it at my machine’s PSI 3000 using the proper green tip and just a hint of bypass.


I never got mine to bypass as a trickle/drip like I had read about, it’s a pretty consistent stream… regardless it’s able to reach the pressure and gives more flow then what the pump is rated so I haven’t messed with it much.

Lot easier on the body isn’t it?

Oh man…got a chance to use it on a 2000 sq/ft driveway today. What a brilliant piece of equipment.


What does it do? Ramp up flow/psi, instead of full bast/full recoil?

Yeah it starts with zero pressure in the line, soon as you hit the trigger it senses water flow then ramps up the pressure. No wrist shock, no stiff pressure line, amazing.

I still haven’t tested the injector with it yet, hopefully it draws consistently.

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Good to know. That’s basically what I’ve been thinking. :+1: I’ve almost been knocked off a ladder more than once by what I have now.

No difference, if water flowing, injector will work

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