Got some flexzilla with the new ends....sweet



I feel truly blessed :slightly_smiling_face:

I was doing some research and I could only find the SwivelGrip in 5/8". Is that what you’ve got there and what size machine are you running?

Just got this from Russ at Southside Equipment

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Yes it’s 5/8. We have 2 4200/4gpm.

Though am looking for a good deal or two on some 8s.

Cool @garry.cooper thanks. I’m liking the looks of the swivel grip.

Can I ask what you paid? I just bought some not too long ago and wanted to compare prices.

I just bought some about 2 weeks ago for $60 for 100’

Where from?

Did it have to new ends?

My local tractor supply the exact hose you got.

For the 3/4 or 5/8?

It is 5/8"

I believe, let me double check

no sorry mines 3/4" had to run out to building to check

I bought 200’ of 5/8’s 54.19 per 100’. $117.32 delivered from Jet.

Starting Subtotal $114.08
Extra Savings -$5.70
Subtotal $108.38
Shipping Fee FREE
Estimated Tax* $8.94
Order Total $117.32

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Sounds like you got a better price then I did for 100’ of 3/4. I looked at tractor supply and at the time they only had the 5/8.

Is it odd to love Flexzilla so much :thinking:


I love some walmart brown garden hose

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