Got print question

has anyone used them for there printing? I need to contact them and cant find the right company. does anyone have there contact info


Gotprint is awesome. And with the PWRA printing benefit it is super cheap.

Thad do you have a contact and number. The only one I found said they are a software firm and had no idea what I was talking about

Just ordered 5000 doorhangers from them, really the only company we’ve used for printing.

Guy, please tell me you went through PWRA to get them.

I’m sorry I didn’t see this, Marty.

Here’s the link to save big from Gotprint. It’s included in your PWRA membership.

Ahhhh…Uuummm… CRAP!!!

Please don’t tell me I could have saved a bunch of money because I’m a PWRA Member… because I totally forgot to use my Membership discount. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I’m so Stupid sometimes!!!

Lesson Learned.

As they say in Nawth Cackalacky, “DADGUMMIT SON!”

I orded some stuff directly through gotprint a few days ago. Had to do it that way because I needed a way to design and edit my stuff. And because they review it to make sure its not too pixilated. Good thing I did, because my business cards were pixilated, and they caught it.

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Wasn’t that big of a price difference anyway when you factor in the $10 PWRA processing fee.

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Yeah, I can see that for small orders but when you make bigger orders it makes sense.

My PWRA print savings for August, after paying the processing fees, totaled $282.00. I don’t send that many cards every month but the PWRA package totally rocks when I do.

Is there any way to work up a discount for a gotprint product that’s not listed on the price list? I need to get some booklets printed and they can do it on their site but I can’t do it PWRA.

We’re in the process of trying to add some additional print options so we can try this one, too. [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]

It’ll be tricky I’m sure since the booklet has a drop down menu for how many pages long it is. Maybe you can work out a discount code for miscellaneous stuff like that.

Any update on this? I’m ready to get my booklet printed.


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[MENTION=7612]PressurePoint[/MENTION] As you mentioned before because of the page quantity I don’t think we can make this is a permanent option BUT I can definitely add this as an option to our At Cost Printing for the time being so you can get the PWRA discount. I can set this up today for you. Email me ( and we can get it set up. I just need to know how many pages you want, etc.

As long as the product is available on Got Print we can usually set it up so that it is listed on our At Cost Printing form and you receive the discount. You just have to let us know!

Thanks Jess, I believe we have this all set up for [MENTION=7612]PressurePoint[/MENTION]

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