Got my rig back

Got my trailer back before my vacation. Going to add a couple things when I get back.


Was it stolen?

LOL no I don’t believe it was stolen. I believe he meant he got it back from having the vinyl lettering put on. It was just a black trailer a couple weeks ago.

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Sign shop return. I had a fancy wrap in mind but those prices are insane.

What’s insane?

I’m just guessing here, but probably…

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Price to wrap an enclosed trailer will shock you if you don’t know.
Lady at work paid 3500. To wrap a VW BUG. Just Crazy.

Yeah, wraps are stupidly expensive. I sort of understand why due to all the detail required to make one look good but at the same time when they start to bubble (and they will, they all do eventually) then they look like hell in my opinion.

Your trailer looks great @316! Now, do your truck as well. The more signage the better!

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I see.

The guy that did my trailer does all the hand painting of the track walls at Dover Downs international speedway (NASCAR) he couldn’t get my truck in there in time. Thinking of just doing the back windows anyway. Thanks

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