Got first job! Need advice!

I’ve searched on here and done some searching on here but I’m a little nervous about first paying gig. I have not yet been out to see for myself, it’s my wife’s friend’s pool. Here’s some pictures. What chemical should I use? How do I hit the furniture and rugs. Newbie needs some help…:grimacing:



Looks like it has cool deck on it. That’ll clean up easy probably most of it with just a hw mix or about 1% if using 12V. The real bad places just spray those with a 50-50 mix in a pump up and let sit for 5 min. Usually you can hit the furniture and rugs, as long as outdoor rated with you HW mix. Just rinse everything with light to medium pressure

Watch those drapes though, some you can and some you can’t depending on materials.

Easy job. You should be in and out in about an hour or so depending on your equipment. You probably don’t need to but you can run a surface cleaner on that IF you get pressure down to about 1500-1800 psi.

To be honest you’re speaking german to me. How do I set up those mixes😬

How do I get to that psi… use 40 tip on wand?

What kind of equipment do you have?

the 50-50 easy - 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water

The rest you need to read up. You’ve got to have an idea on how to do that if you’re going to be in the business. Too long for me to go into, can find it in search tab

40 tip is the angle of your spray. 2nd # is the important one re pressure. Learn to read a tip chart…

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Sprechen sie Deutsch?

You’ve only read 4 hours total, keep reading man. This is a very simple job and @Racer gave you solid advice.

Let’s start from the beginning, what is your setup?

4200 4gm simpson and whisper wash 16 surface cleaner.

You brought a point I have been planning on asking. So here goes. Other than pump throttle how do you regulate the psi output?

FYI. I bought a fully equipped rig. But I am still making upgrades or repairs, learning and researching.

Different size tips.

Click here and notice all the different options on the drop down menu just for a 40 degree tip.

So you can buy a tip that has a bigger or smaller hole which will give you more or less pressure.

You don’t mess with the throttle, change the tips as Mike said. You want full flow but ability to change pressure.

Those motors seem awful close to the trailer wall, I know the mufflers are pointing away but still.

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Thank you. I didn’t think of the tip size changes.

So far the engine temps have not been an issue. I also have only been doing small test runs on my house trying to work out the bugs.

I found that the entire SW System needed reworked. Even found the swivel and hose reel were clogged. I was getting very little distance on my SW reach.