Got an email about this today

It’s $499 but what’s interesting is the adjustable pressure valve they have on it. Looks like it just plugs into the output side just like my 5.5’s have. Says up to 150psi. Watch the video and see it at about the 20 sec mark in video.


I wonder how far that little sucker would shoot with some regular tips on it. That adjustment might be handy too when doing sealer or stain.

For some reason reminds me of a paint system hi vol lo press.

Compared to the electrostatic sprayers on the market, the price seems a little too good to be true. I wonder how it stacks up performance wise?

Repurpose a hvlp sprayer to spray fine mist of disinfectant

It’s probably the same north star 12v pump that everyone buys to build their cheap 12v systems.