Got a new gun!

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now cut off the two nozzles you dont need and put a quick connect on the gun so you can pop in a longer wand, no wand, or surface cleaner as needed.


Which two wouldnt he need? I have a soap high, soap low, soap shooter and one that puts me right around 1k psi for wood cleaning and cutting in driveways and whatnot.

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And, I have that dang M5DS that Ive never even used. Maybe Ill try it out tomorrow and see how I like it. The jrod is awful handy though.


This one is set up the same地nd works well for me.

I am pretty rough on the short guns匈 just moved the one I was using to backup status I have to do that about once a year.

Thats what I do. It starts weeping or leaking inside and it becomes a backup. Though when you tear them down you can get a nice piece of stainless pipe just about the same length as you have in your pic up there.

I know多ave a small pile that needs to be salvaged夸ust dont seem to get around to it. :smile:

I figure if I do this for the next 40 years I might have enough salvaged brass and stainless steel to buy myself a pretty sweet set of dentures.


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What are you going to do until then just eat oatmeal, cream of wheat, and jello? 40 years is a lot of oatmeal.

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Im a blueberry bagel kind of guy myself. With butter. So good.

M5DS is a game changer in my book. I still carry my jrod in my back pocket for when I need it but to be able to adjust the spray pattern while never getting off the gun is gold.


Get rid of that m5, Ill give ya $35 for it.


I have never been able to warm up to it夷t might just be mine. That ragged stream when trying to hit high gutters夸ust more than I can tolerate.


I dont think its just yours. Im with you on it. Ive tried using it many times and just not a fan. I much prefer the jrod and especially when trying to clean those algae or moss spots off of the face of gutters. You can bend the metal tabs in the center of the m5ds your pattern is off so maybe give that a try. It definitely helped but not enough to make me want to use it.

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Youre right about the stream not being real tight when you open it all the way and mists quite a bit. I switch to my jrod for 2nd story for the shooter and 0060 tips when I need more accuracy or if its windy.

You dont need the high pressure tips unless your popping gum or something. The M5DS wears out after a couple weeks of use and it takes two hands to twist it. I tried them but none of the guys liked them

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I didnt even try the M5DS today. I ordered it on accident and have never used it. So, anybody want a new (opened) M5DS for a 7-12 gpm?

Not a fan of my xjet either. The shooter tip on my jrod puts a nice, fat stream 3 stories up.

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