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This roof turned out perfectly. Roof cleaning was performed two days before all of the rain we just experienced recently. Love when that happens. Customers are happy and ready for this company to pressure wash their exterior next Spring.


I’ve been meaning to get me one of those cameras.
I like the way your video looks

Great job. Was that done with the $199 gopro, or the $299 gopro. Also does the head strap or camera have a stabilizer built in? It looked pretty smooth up there even when you were walking.

Before you know it you can have a few dollars spent on it. It syncs with my old iPhone, haven’t tried it on my samsung yet but I am guessing it will. No additional stabilizers or anything. My next accessory is the attachment for a pole. I want to hook it up to a wand and see what happens.

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I noticed two things

  1. you didnt have a ground man keeping everything wet and protected

  2. sooner or later you will slip and or fall and drop the ball valve, it will continue spraying everyplace which could mean in someones face, inside a window, on vegetation, vehicles, kids, pets, neighbors property, etc… and your insurance will not cover you for that. Get a poly gun to protect yourself, your customer’s property and your business

Thanks for the feedback JC. Understood. There is an inherent risk is this work, and I am always looking for ways to improve in our process. These things you mentioned have been addressed. Thankfully, there has been nothing but positive experiences to date. Continuing to learn from others such as yourself will keep me, my customers properties and my business in the best possible light. Thanks again.

During the last few seconds of the video when you took your hat off and looked into the camera, I could not help myself. I could only think of 1 thing. “Luke, I am your father.”

I dig it John. Great video quality. I need to do about ten of these videos myself. I wonder if a 90 seconds or less (most commercials are in the 30 second range) that incorporates a before, low/no pressure process, safety, star wars mask, and an after would be a better hook for a customer and definitely quicker to load on your roof washing page. Might also want to include some stats like how long it will last, fully insured, why clean, maintain shingle warranty instead of replacing. Hope thats not too analytic, I was just thinking what I would want for one. Still a cool video. So when can I borrow that Go Pro?

Awesome thinking Lee. Definitely this year I will be incorporating some more videos. Just let me know when you need it or I’ll come shoot a few for you.