Google Places for Business- no category for "Roof Cleaning"?

i was working on my google places listing and there isn’t a category for roof cleaning, as far as i can tell. does anyone have suggestions how to handle that? what categories are you using in your listing?

it would be nice to be able to suggest to google that they add this as a category, as it’s a pretty major business in some parts of the country, and there are lots of companies that do only roof cleaning. anyone know if that’s possible?

Great question. I would be interested to see how we can get it added

The new Google Plus Local listings do not have it yet - however, they have provide much more room to expand your services in the description area. You can also link to specific services on your website there. I’d recommend putting as much descriptive, unique text there as possible, linking to your sub-pages or service specific pages as possible. That’ll optimize your listing for services that don’t have categories yet.

Thanks, Anya!

I was told in the google places forum that they did away with it. They used to have a roof cleaning category. Just type in roof cleaning and you come up with all the guys that got in before they did away with it. Now you have to have roof cleaning in your business name for it to come up. I was screwed because of my business name.