Google not allowing reviews during Covid-19

Anyone else notice that their not getting any Google reviews? I read that Google isn’t posting reviews during covid-19. No word on when they’ll start posting again.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a review


I haven’t checked to see if it’s still possible to leave a review even though it doesn’t show up.
I’m hoping they are at least saving them for when they put there system back online.

People beg for them these days, they don’t mean squat, only an impression.

I have had people ask if they can leave one, or offer to. I always ask that they don’t. Least internet presence is the best.


I have had 3 reviews in the last month not post on google. The customers took pictures and sent the reviews to me to verify. I am hoping they will post after this is all over. I also tried calling google and they are not open during this covid.

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Why would they not allow reviews because of Covid? That makes no sense! I was just talking about asking all of my clients from the last gear to post one and could of added 30-40 5 star reviews easily. What a bunch of bs

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The more reviews or people spreading your name, the more people will call you. The last thing I want is more phone calls about washing houses.

@Seandz it’s to do with a downward trend in negative reviews towards businesses due to the pandemic, places are closed or down on staff and are getting damaging bad reviews for things they aren’t in control of like delayed shipping, inventory shortage etc. reviews don’t revolve around pressure washing, take it easy bud lol, me and @Innocentbystander can leave you a 100% honest review for you based on our dealings with you :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:.


Also, as far as I understand it, google has a team that screens all reviews before they go live. With reduced staffing at google, they decided to simply suspend the publishing of new reviews.

This’ll be a good opportunity to focus on building reviews on your other profiles: FB, Yelp, etc.


Apparently people leaving the review can see that they left the review but no one else can. Like you guys said hopefully the post the missing reviews. I just don’t see them screening millions of reviews to see if they covid negative related.

This probably goes hand in hand with the reviews not being allowed but I’m not sure. Is anyone else having problems uploading photos to GMB as well? I’ve tried uploading quite a few and none of them has posted.

Well that explains a few things. My wife has been asking customers to leave reviews but haven’t seen any pop up.

My pics uploaded to Google My Business.

@BillC Thanks. I must not be doing something right then.

I got the message that I haven’t posted a pic in a while so I posted one with a comment earlier today and it hasn’t posted or isn’t visible. The one I posted 3 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago are there.

I recently signed up for Google My Business. Ive been unable to do anything with my reviews. This would explain it

I’ve posted around a dozen pictures the last couple of weeks, no issues. Definitely not getting reviews right now.

I pushing Facebook reviews for now. At least it will help with my dismal Facebook presence.