Google Maps Issue

So a couple days go, Google decided to (disable) my account.

It’s no longer visible, it’s Disabled. I never got a notification or an email nothing, They didn’t even give me an explanation for it. It just states “business doesn’t exist”

It couldn’t have happened in the worst time, I have submitted an appeal, but its hard to appeal or have an argument when I don’t even know why they took it down. I didn’t expect this from google, Im very disappointed

If anyone on here has experience getting these accounts back, please let me know

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My Google Business Profile was disabled about a month ago. The email I received states “Content that violates our policies on deceptive content and behavior isn’t allowed. Deceptive content intentionally misleads or deceives others.”

They stated in the link contained in the email that I could appeal their decision by providing proof that the business did indeed exist by sharing items such as tax records, business licenses etc.

I had just wrapped up one wash job and was getting ready to head to the next so I didn’t have a lot of that paperwork with me, but I did have by 2024 business license through one of the local towns with me and submitted a photo of the actual paperwork as well as the sticker that is required to be displayed on my vehicle. I waited a few days and my appeal was denied.

I’m at the point where I’m not trying to grow the business and word of mouth as well as repeat clients are both doing pretty well to keep my part time business busy. So I haven’t pursued the matter any further.

I think it’s worth addressing because you never know when you’ll need/want it and it’s easier to address now.

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Don’t let it ruin your day. Mine has been ‘suspended’ since April. I noticed I wasn’t showing up on search results then I discovered I had been moved a couple states away. I went to correct the issue & it suspended the profile. It looked like somebody claimed my business & they just gave it to them. No email or anything. Appeal denied. Follow ups denied. Thanks to repeats & referrals, things have worked out just fine. The massive drop in scammers & sales calls has been a bonus. I’m not that interested in hiring someone to repair it when it’s so easily disabled. Customers keep calling anyway. Fire up the grill & have a great Fourth.

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Thank you, Unfortunately I’m in a very competitive market and google maps has worked very well for us. If I can’t recover the page it will definitely take a toll on the business, it’s taken years of hard work consistently to keep a 5 star reputation.

Happy 4th!

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Start a small adwords campaign. Like a $100/week or something. Then in a few weeks you can go to them and use that to help your case.

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Violated terms can mean a lot of things to Google. Their AI standards for commonly used words is very low.

Mention your 'pressure washing gun" and you’ll get zapped. I tried to post “annoying little pests” in my pest control company page and got knocked for it as well.

I think that their housing discrimination and spam policies are the worse. For some reason things like “your home” and “free quote” trigger issues with that specific policy.

Also, if you are a service area based business but have your address showing, thats the quickest way to get a suspension.

You have to dig about 10 layers deep to find a help / contact form, but do that, and nicely ask what policy you’ve violated and how you can fix it.

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The one time mine didn’t resolve itself I had to do a video chat with one of the customer service reps… it’s been a while so I don’t really recall how I got to it, but I just kept going deeper and deeper into the menu options and finally I either hit the end of the road or they felt pity on me and gave me a link to join a video chat. Took all of a couple minutes on video to show some “proof” and it was reinstated. Haven’t had an issue since fingers crossed.

Sorry to hear that, it would suck fighting the no one is listening automated business model.


Got it back up.

Googles coustomer service has really declined, everything is automated now, no humans… no updates… just emails and silence for days

Luckily we got it back, but the process sucked!


Yea they ran ads without my permission and I was out $450 one month… got one call lol and I fought for a while and no payback or help

That’s not cool.

Most the the google employees are also not in the states , so there is also a language barrier if you do happen to get someone one the phone.

I went to a BBQ yesterday and ran into one of my old friends, who is a longtime Google employee.

I told him that I have 6 years of Google gripes to catch up with him on, now that I sold my SEO agency. He said “Whats SEO? I’m in facilities management” lol