Google AdWords

Just shot off our first adds of the season! Trying Google AdWords before we run anything on Facebook paid. I set a decent budget of $200 per add per month (running 2 adds)

Do most folks have good results from this? Not a ton of results in the ol searchbar here for AdWords.

I run them have had plenty of views but not really any calls might be bc of my website … I just have a Google free website

Ad words is one of the best tools you can use. Your finding customers in the later stages of the buying cycle. $200 will go quick


We have a pretty solid website. If it works maybe that will give us a comparison and you can decide if an upgrade would help?

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I have a large area selected and it said I would receive 300-600 calls per month if I up my fee by a lot! I don’t want that many calls anyway. I set it for 100 calls per month. I’m not quitting my day job for this lol

Your paying for click not call.

Don’t believe much of what google tells you. They’re really good at spending your money. Keep your target radius pretty tight to start with and then you can increase later if not getting enough calls.

run at least 2 ads for each service you’re marketing and specify you want them shown equally. Then track which one does best. You need at least 500 total clicks before you get valid data. Make sure you setup negative kw’s.

What services are you pushing?


Right now we are pushing softwashing homes.

What are your your kw’s you’re using.

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I was going to let them all ride until I saw some feedback on who’s searching what.

show me your 2 ads

I just updated the one on the right. Realized the add didn’t make sense. As soon as I saved it my iPad died lol

PM me your email. I’ll send you some info. Did a presentation to a large business group few years ago and still have the presentation in a pdf.


I’d like a copy if you’re willing to give it out

Oh yeah I’ll take one if you don’t mind.

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Need emails guys, not psychic

Did you get my message racer?

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See mine above, pm me your email.