Google ads split test

I’m using a local guy right now for my SEO and my google ads. I’m considering trying another company. Most of my business is coming from word of mouth. So I’m not sure the ads and ad Managment is worth it or being done effectively. The idea is to pay two companies to run my ad campaign simultaneously and see who performs better. Those educated on the matter, is this even possible?

Depending on what they are doing that could result in a duplication of effort without a multiplication of results.

If you are getting the best results from WOM then ide look more in that area. Possibly offer a perk for past clients who land you work. Maybe a a free driveway cleaning for 2 jobs something like that.

If they’re running the same ad campaign, how will you tell which company you’re getting the leads from?

Different phone numbers.

So you want the ads to result in phone calls not website hits?

I personally would try the new company if you felt your current one wasn’t producing results. I wouldn’t double-up. It seems like you should know from past experience and stat tracking if there is an uptick in calls once you switch.

Sadly I don’t even keep up with it. They’ll say such and such told me to call you and I don’t remember who they are 90% of the time. Not by first name for sure.

Really, the issue is that I left one ad company to go to another one because he was local and in my networking group. I just want to choose the right company and get the most value for my marketing dollars. Im having a hard time determining which is better.

I ask the customer where they heard about us? They say the internet. Well that doesn’t tell me much. Was it organic? Maps? Or paid ad? Or did a previous customer tell you the company name and you typed it in google. I don’t have a solid way of tracking it. However it does seem like I got more online inquiries with the other company. It could be that the new company is more structured with click to call.

Typically they’ll run both. To site and phone.

There is some sort of tracker that can be installed on the back end of the website that shows you where it’s coming from.

Just be forewarned that some of these SEO and Google Adword companies take advantage of the ignorance of people. I would only use someone that came recommended to me or that I did a lot of research on. Ask the company to show you what they’ve done for other companies about your size.

I did Ad Words for three different companies a few years ago. One company was a pressure washing company that primarily sealed/stained decks. The owner told me that the vast majority of their business came from Ad Words. And they did everything (newspaper, postcards, radio, etc.) and tracked it to a “t”. He knew there was gold with google, and that you had to have the right person to tap it. So AdWords can be huge if done right.

All that being said, if I was unknowing (aka ignorant) in the area of AdWords, I would highly recommend watching a few of Google’s videos on AdWords. Spend just 1-2 hours doing it. This is your business!!! (And you might have already done this, @Harold. Just mentioning it for the other guys reading, too.) They’re easy to understand and follow (for the most part). At a minimum you’ll know some of the jargon and industry terms so that when your Ad Words company starts throwing words around, you’ll at least have some idea what they’re saying.

I can see that being an issue. If you use a program like joust you can create customer "Profiles " with name address, history, even photos of before and after for your records. Memory is terrible and I’ll save little notes about who people are in my phone otherwise I have no idea who I’m talking to!