Good deals on surface cleaners for Blackfriday/Cybermonday?


Has anybody found good deals on these dates?


Prices are what they are. If you need it buy it


Always got sumn to say dont you.


That is what makes this forum. That and a few commas and apostrophes.




I bet this one will go on sale for Black Friday. Look how awesome the reviews are!!!


Lmao please.


You can use it on your 8gpm and watch it burn


What’s wrong with it? I do have one on my trailer.


Besides the fact you are asking and having one…


Good for steps or confined areas.


Somehow I have 4 SC…my Hammerhead died so replaced the cartridge…in the mean time I used my back up Briggs and Stratton on a driveway…it was brutal but came in handy. I now also have a Eagle Wash 16 and WW Classic 18. As @Sasquatch mentioned the Briggs is good for steps and stoops


Your best bet is to find a 20% coupon or something for black friday. The chemicals themselves aren’t going to go on sale.