GoNano / Roofmax

Anyone have insight into these products? Sadly they’re franchise/dealer structured.

Seems like snake oil but I’d also like a high value/price service in my bag. And I’m playing around with what services I can do.

We looked into adding this to our services. A soy based oil sprayed on the roof to rejuvenate the shingles. Try calling greener shingles. They are not a franchise but you can be a dealer for them. You can also buy the oil straight from a supplier and mix it yourself with the proper additives. We decided to partner with a local company that is already doing it. They refer roof cleaning to us and we sell the rejuvenation for them. We just started the partnership a month or so ago but it looks promising and I do believe in the product although I bet most on hear will call it snake oil lol

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We’ve got a Roofmax guy in our area…he hires us to wash a roof every now and then. Seems to be a market for it, but IDK if it proves out legit or not.

Would you happen to have a link to the proper additive/mix? @Cleaningbro

It’s called soy gold 1000
There are 2 additives
Contact Cooper from chem point and he get you a sample and also get those additives. Just tell him what you’re using it for and he’ll hook you up.
(425) 372-9212

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Just curious… an update on this? How did the season go?