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Hello, I’ve read and learned a lot from this forum and I’m in the midst of starting a pressure washing business in Missouri alongside college as a side hustle and I first want to say thank you to everyone for all the great information here. I started with my dads 2.5 gpm honda and now I bought my own 4.0 gallon 4400 dewalt washer with a dewalt 18” surface cleaner and 150’ of pressure line. I also have the high flow downstream injector from pressure tek. I’ve done a couple of driveways and houses, all have gone spectacular but I‘ll admit I’m still amateur hour. I work at two city golf courses. The manager is aware of my side hustle and asked me to bring in my pressure washer and wash the 10,000 square feet of flat concrete around the clubhouse… at both courses… twice a year. Equating to 40,000 square feet a year for the flat work alone. The siding doesn’t need it in my opinion but he asked for it anyways. They both have a perimeter of 405 ft. One story. he offered to pay me time and a half my minimum part time salary which would be $19 an hour. I would also be reimbursed for any bleach or other chemicals I have to use. (Not sure if I will even use bleach though as the grass is extremely delicate even with a soak and rinse with water) Knowing all of this, and that I’m not insured and I don’t have my business tax structure set up yet, is that a fair wage for this work? My plan is to accept the $19 an hour for this year then next year get my ducks in a row with insurance and taxes and give a real quote based on how long it takes me this time around. I will be discussing all of this with him in a meeting soon. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

No, he’s taking serious advantage of you. Probably in MO. concrete cleaning going for .16-.18/per foot. there are some guys on here from MO so maybe they’ll chime in. You need to figure in, even with your equipment about $10/hr depreciation on equipment, add in fuel say of $4/hr. so at $19/hr you’re not really making squat. Say it takes you all day, you’re only making $180 gross. Pre and post treating with a HW mix you’re probably only going to use about 5 gal of bleach unless really bad. Post a pic when you get a chance. Not only are you hurting yourself, you’re hurting any professionals in your area, which hopefully you’d like to be at some point.

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Okay thank you for the advice. Here are some of the pictures. We do have a crap 1.2 gpm electric washer that the cart attendants use to wash the carts. They have really made a fool of the course recently so my boss wants me to fix it. Most of the cart path looks like the first image. What do you think a good hourly rate would be? Or a total job cost? Up until now I’ve only done driveways and houses in my neighborhood a couple hundred each.
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@DisplacedTexan - you’re up in this area. What’s going rate on concrete cleaning

With your equipment you need to shoot for $90-$100 per hour gross at a minimum. You should be able to clean a 1000 ft per hour if drainage not bad.

As Rick already pointed out, you are getting hosed if you agree to that.

I genuinely have no idea in MO. I just live here lol

Realistically, I’d say anywhere between 12 and 18 cents per square foot is a pretty good spot to be in for most people in this area.

I will say, just from briefly scanning through this thread that the OP is going to there for a month of Sundays so make sure to stay hydrated!

Thank you all for the replies! I’m going to go home and do some more exact measurements through google earth and come back with an estimate for the course. now I’m glad I asked so I won’t get myself into anything bad.

And don’t forget using a 4gpm will take considerably longer than an 8gpm. You’ll have to go pretty slow.

Wait, you’re in Missouri? I thought you were in Arkansas.