Going to pressure wash my tile roof question

Going to pressure wash my tile roof today. I don’t want to get on top of the roof. Can I spray from ground/ladder any solution on it then to see it clean? If so, what’s solution and what’s process ? I have a 4gpm Simpson. I really appreciate any help, got the wife on my arse.

It’s an original white tile roof from 1969 I believe

There’s really nothing you can do with the equipment you have to make it clean today without getting on the roof. 4 gpm pressure washer eqauls “pressure washing” the roof.

if he plans on upgrading the pump, well, id consider running the roof wash through pump. next question would then be, “my pump won’t pull from tank”.
what pump is on it @Tampatitan ?

Can I spray a mix on roof let it sit and then rinse it off ?

Yes you can. It won’t work, but you can certainly do it.

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You could ds as strong as you can monthly and see if it ever comes clean. Hopefully you have gutters to contain the mix off the vegetation

I hope your peers were as condescending aholes as you are every post I make when you were learning

I didn’t have the luxury of the Internet to search for answers. I figured it out on my own. In ten seconds you could have searched your answer. All I did was answer your question


LOL welcome to being a beginner. I certainly got flamed pretty hard at first. Best thing you can do is search like crazy for anything you have questions about and go from there. Don’t give up, this is a fantastic resource.


Hire a professional.

He isn’t a condescending ahole, he is actually a good natured grumpy guy. He has helped out a lot of people on this forum, including me. I haven’t always agreed with him, but he is genuinely helpful and has tons of experience you get for free. I’ll take a grumpy guy with good advice every day of the week. Besides, many people on this forum have come and gone in the last 4 years that I’ve been reading posts, but he is still here and still helping.

He doesn’t need me to stick up for him, but I thought you went too far. To each his own.

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this thread is pure gold, made my day

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