Goin' in the deep end

Well, it is official…I will be joining the ranks of the trigger gun wielders.

Been rolling this around for a very short time…decided to “just do it”.

I plan to order the equipment to get started putting my rig together, tomorrow.

I retired a year ago and have been looking into some things to try to keep myself busy. Hopefully, this will prove to be an endeavor worthy of my time. I fully expect it will fill a considerable part of my time getting the rig ready and then chasing down some business to kind of get it going. I am looking forward to it. There seems to be a fair number of homes and apartments around that need to be cleaned up…hope the owners feel the same. Anyway, at the worst, I should be able to recoup the investment…however, I would like to do a little more than that.

I have my insurance lined up and I will also order the logo’ed clothes so they will be ready to go by the time the rig is. I also need to get the signs, door hangers and refrigerator magnets ordered…then it will be off, into the abyss.

Anyway…this is a great forum and it is good to be here.


Goodluck! Where do you live in GA?


Awesome attitude! Sounds like you are off to a good start. Have fun.

Best of luck - Never stop learning

I have a 2007 F150 that I intend to setup with the equipment. I have another pickup that I drive most of the time…so, I figure there is no use in not putting this F150 to good use. I had originally planned to put it on a trailer…but, common sense overruled and the truck will get the nod.

Ultimately, if I can get this off the ground and going relatively well, I would like to move the equipment to an Isuzu NRP flatbed truck…more room to add hot water equipment and easier access from the sides. However, this is all just supposition, at this point…but, I do intend to put some effort into making this a viable business.

You can put an aluminum flat bed on your f150 for about 3k. either way install airbags before you mount equipment.

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Thank you…that is an even better idea…that truck is paid for…only has 100K miles and is in great condition…it would look like this.

Just don’t get steel. When you do air bags do drivers side first. It’s the most annoying because of brake lines. The second one will take you 15 minutes.

I agree on the steel…don’t want the corrosion problems or the additional weight.