Gnomes and such

@squidskc saw a gnome in my house and asked about. I never got to tell the story because wife called us for supper. When my middle son was in 4th grade his teacher was our neighbor. She had a little gnome in the flowers by her porch. My son, being like any red blooded/necked boy should be, snuck in her yard, stole the gnome and put it on shelf in his classroom. It took her a few days to see it. She didn’t say anything to him. Instead she gave it to my wife and asked her to put it on the middle of his bed the next day. Over the last 3 years that gnome has turned up in each family’s freezers, garages, roofs, buried in the yard with a treasure map written in a young boys hand taped to the front door etc. Neither one of them will acknowledge to the other that they know anything about it.


That’s a lot better than a little sock. My dad and I found a little girls sock in our laundry room once after we had been in the house for 2 years. No idea how it got there. But same thing. Freezers, truck shifter, as phone cases, you name it.


I have a gnome story!

I had one in my front porch, it went missing… 2 weeks later a person returned it saying there kid had taken it and placed it in there yard and the mother wanted to return it, she claims she kept finding the gnome in diffrent places of the house and wanted nothing to do with it…

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Ha ha that brings back memories, mum and dad took our neighbors gnome on holiday with us once or twice.
They sent back postcards of the little fella at different attractions.
I was pretty young and thought they were bonkers…


There’s something about them that makes people want to steal them…

I have no idea what a gnome is. From reading the comments I’m guessing it’s not related to dna as I first thought while reading the title.

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