Gnarly concrete

Pretty gross concrete I did today. Used a mix of SH and holy water to pre and post treat didn’t need to use an old and a young priest.

@Dallsheep what was your process (solution percentages, dwell time etc) and what type of equipment did you use?

I used a leaf blower to get the big stuff off, a sprayer with 3% or so and let it sit while I was setting up the pressure washer.

I used a turbo nozzle and it worked beautifully. Wasnt worth using a surface cleaner on those small pads. First time using one. I like it.

My setup is pretty simple. BE washer. Honda 390 and comet pump.

It was really wet and mucky more than anything.

Nice! Thanks for sharing how you went about it. This is a great resource and we can make it better by sharing how we clean and what we clean with.

Had a nasty one like that yesterday. I did the house first and hit it with my HW mix while back there so it sat with that on it for about 30 minutes. Then one more time at about 1.5% and that sat for about 10 minutes while I finished up around the house and getting my pressure washer and surface cleaner ready. It cleaned off much easier than I was expecting. Spent more time walking my SC back there and putting it back in the truck than actual wash time.