GME & AMC Stock

I avoid posts about marketing, roofs and other stuff I have no interest in. I’ve seen this thread for a week, had an epiphany that the AMC might be referring to javelins. Boy was I wrong.


I was thinking a sweet Cherokee Chief…

I appreciate the concern. I dont want to be homeless either although somedays the simplicity seems attractive. If I do end up homeless its because I’m thinking about selling my shotguns while the market is hot and re buying once it corrects. Either it happens and I’m better off than I was or it doesnt and I’m still a fool but with less money.

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That stock stinks to high heaven, smells like the country it is founded in took out a little monopoly money. It only dropped due to all the bad press, things are smelling like the 20’s.

Rumor is, that stock HKD is a Citadel affiliate and its a big facade. Retail never moved money to it, it looks like a big pump and dump. It is ironic that it was able to smoothly and quickly run over 20,000% but when GME ran to $400 bucks there were multiple halts and eventually robinhood just removed the buy button and other brokers followed suit.