GlassRenu Glass Restoration System

Hey Everyone,

My name is Cole and I am with GlassRenu. I work with a number of Pressure Washing Companies who have been able to add the GlassRenu System to their business to help generate more revenue when it comes to add-on services.

If your already in front of a building with glass, check to see if you find any surface damage on those windows. Chances are, you will find it! Whether it is a small scratch, a graffiti tag, or a hard-water stain, you will find something!

If you have not seen it already, check out some of our videos. We have over 100 videos on our youtube page right now, Here is a demo video showing you how easy it is to remove scratches from glass.

[video=youtube_share;fkEd32Y1_rY]GlassRenu Scratched Glass Repair Demo - YouTube

Thank you to everyone for your time! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you out. You can call me at 888-769-0001 or PM anytime you would like!


Guys who do graffiti removal will definitely want to check this out. It’s the only thing I have seen that will take care of acid etch graffiti on glass and leave it distortion-free. It will also handle hard water staining and caustic damage LIKE A BOSS.

This is a great add on for washers… Once you get one you start noticeing scratched glass everywhere.

The easiest up-sell we have is homeowners with dog scratches on their back patio door. Usually can be grinded out in 30 minutes for $125

I forgot to mention PWRA members receive $500 off GlassRenu Systems by mentioning your PWRA membership.

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