Glad this one is DONE!

Aside from this one picture, 650 sq. ft. ipe’ deck, 9 pieces of teak furniture, an upper PT deck at the top of the picture, and 2 sets of PT stairs.

Only stained the ipe’ and teak. Aside from 7 gals. of percarb and citric acid, 46 gals. of bleach/soap mix. That is a record for my wood business.

And it was brutally hot, even for down the Jersey shore on the Navesink river. Took today off, we deserve it!

And the next one is comparatively easy. A lot of PT wood, but a simple 2 yr. maintenance for the horizontal deck floor, top rails, and stair wood. Verticals were serviced 2 yrs. ago and will be fine for the next 2 yrs. Light bleach/soap mix, low PW rinse, and more Ready Seal stain.

And the air temps and humidity are diminishing, thank whoever! August is a hot month. Compared to the last above, this is easy street.

Rick, how do you apply stain to your vertical surfaces (spindles, etc.)? In other words, is this (oil based) stain thin enough for a air sprayer?


Alex K. with Northside Power Washing of Delmarva
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We use a PumpTec HVLP unit for staining. 12 volt, variable pressure and volume flow. Portable, with an attachment to carry a 5’er.

When just starting out 13 yrs. ago, owned a Binks SuperBee commercial airless. Was a PITA, heavy, and though adjustable, no matter what the tip and pressure, created the “fog of doom” with stain. I’m sure airless are lighter and better designed today, but we’ll stay with the HVLP.

Ready Seal is very thin, almost the consistency of water. The real benefit of the PumpTec is adjustable pressure and flow. We can apply a ton of stain in very little time and use it for floors, cedar siding, and balustrades. The most labor saving piece of equipment I own. Pays dividends after a few jobs.

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Thank you, Rick!

Alex @ Nothside Power Washing

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Those are some big decks and walk ways! looks good.

I know this is an older post but are you still using this piece of equipment? Went on Pumptec site but couldn’t find. Thanks, Rick