GL insurance question

Hello all my name is Brandon I’m new to the forum and and started my new business back in August. I hope I’m posting this in the right section. I have used the search function and have done plenty of reading however i can’t find an close answer to an insurance question. I have opportunity for commercial work and now have the funds to get insurance. My question is this. When doing work with property management do most of the companies require to be listed as ADDITIONAL INSURED on your policy? Reason I ask is i got a good quote under $1,000 for a pressure washing policy and I can afford that however each additional insured is $100. I recieved a seperate quote for near $2000 and the agent swears I can add unlimited additional insured for no cost extra. The one real estate company I have work pending requires this but just curious if this is common with propert management. Because I would like to get with as many companies as possible to be on a vendor list however I know that probably wouldn’t be realistic. Any insight would be appreciated thank you.

Different property management companies have different policy. I’m negotiating with one that wants me to carry 5 million GL and 1 million liability on my truck. I need 5 million on my GL anyway due to the work we’re going after but resisted the auto coverage. Once I thought about it it’s not a bad idea with all the sue happy people out there. Our state minimum is 25k which is nothing leaving me liable for the rest should we have a serious accident like the trailer coming off or something. Most have good reasons for their requirements. Where I’m out is the workmen’s comp because it’s just my son and myself.

Yea each company is different. Right now I am going after residential property managers. I know most commercial require workers comp and it’s just me right now can’t afford it right now. I’m in Virginia. Just trying to get the basic to get the ball rolling but don’t want to short myself either. I know not every property management will use me but if I get say 8 and I got to pay 800 for each company to be additionally insured then I begin to wonder if I should go with the higher quote.

Can’t u file exempt like I do in Florida for workman’s comp, and most companies require an accord form but my insurer doesn’t charge me

You can only have Workmens comp for employees , not yourself.

States have a form you can fill out to give to companies that make you exempt.


WC varies from state to state. In my state a business owner can not purchase on themselves.

Yes I can exclude my self or list myself. Put it’s based off payroll so if you the owner( highest paid) list yourself then your workman’s comp goes sky high. But that’s not in my next 1 year focus so right now just want to get insurance straight build up from there. I don’t have the equipment to handle big commercial jobs yet as is. Apartment complexes and condos are my focus as far as big jobs for me.