Gilmour hose nozzle, or something better?

Hoping someone has a general-purpose garden hose nozzle they like to use for jobs like gutter cleaning.

Is there a good quality pistol grip nozzle that puts out more flow than most others?

I spend $5-10 on zinc plated Gilmour hose nozzles but they break before long. The other ones I find that look fancy (maybe $15) also break.

Besides, I have a 3/4" hose and I’m pretty sure the water flow is seriously restricted because of these Gilmour nozzles.

Why pistol grip style?
I love how the pistol grip can hang on my standoff (like a hook).

Anyone have a link to share?


I’m lost as to what you are using garden hose and nozzles for. Are you using a hose to clean gutters?

Correct, gutter cleaning, often I sell flushing the downspouts.


I agree. I’ve tried them all and it seems like the more expensive ones have less flow than the cheaper $2.95 ones in a pistol grip. Can get more flow with one of the fire hose type nozzles but not practical up on ladder. I just buy the cheap ones now and expect them to last about 2 months.

Water and gutter clean outs don’t mix. Makes clean up wet and sloppy. Just blow the downspouts with the blower and you’ll be fine. If they are clogged and you fill them with water you’ll have an even bigger mess.


Walmart in my area was clearing out their garden hose nozzles for about .50-$1.00, I bought some of their 4 way garden hose valves, not for PW but because I use them to feed my hoses in my garden. I bought some spare nozzles, cause they get trashed throughout the year. You might want to look if your there, for .50-$1.00 they are quite disposable. They also had the adjustable kind, you know the kind that are jet/stream/shower/mist/vertical for about $2, the one I used last year had really good flow.

My garden is about 200’ away from my house’s hose bib, end to end. 3/4 and 5/8 hose to get there, no issues with flow, but it runs kind of down hill, so I don’t know what that would do going up.

Thank you, Rick, glad to hear that I am not the only one with this problem. Sounds like I will have to just keep buying the cheap ones.

This one looks promising