Gift certificates for charity

I have been asked to donate to a charity and I want to give a gift certificate for a free house wash to be added to one of their baskets. Has anyone done this? How did you value the cert.? Did you have any disclaimers on it? How did it work out for you? Better yet does anyone have one I could take a look at to get some ideas? Thanks

We did this for a fund raiser for a Police Officer who was killed. We gave away a $300 value Power Wash for the charity auction. I was notified that someone won this and they will be in touch. Funny thing they never called to claim their prize.

Did you have any disclaimers on the cert.? Or did you put a sq. Footage limit on it? I’ve heard from a couple people about winners not redeeming the certificates. Did you put an expiration date on it? Sorry for so many questions just want to cover my a**. Thanks

I’ve done a few certificates. Normally put them on company letter head or if you don’t have any, place your logo on the top and a description of what your service will be. Use some card stock, gives it an “elegant” feel to it. I add a section to the bottom of the certificate so the recipient can place their name and contact information. I then sign the certificate and ask the charity representative to contact me with the recipient’s name. Like John, I have some that never call.
**Another tip: place a “minimum bid” amount on the certificate. So, if you are giving away a $300 service, make the minimum bid $200-250. Folks will purchase it and use it. Then you have a great opportunity to up-sale something else. Everyone’s a winner!

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Has anyone created gift certificates for charity? Few of my best friends are throwing events here in next couple moths and I wanted to added a few house washes for the raffle. Also thinking about adding driveway cleaning for door prizes so I can upsell those and make my investment back if all goes as planned. Was hoping to find a template online but no bueno. Has anyone done one of these that they like to share so I have an idea on how to go about creating one if I cant find a template.

Thanks in advance!

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If anyone searches for this in the future I found something on VistaPrint and used their template. I was able to order 50 for $20 as well. Had to throw a little extra flair on there with the Lets Go Blues! People love hockey and its a way to connect to new customers.