Gift Cards - Design and print

It’s Home Show season and one of my favorite attention getters at past Home Show has been gift cards. “Register here to receive a free gift card” is the sign on the table that gets the most attention.

Plastic cards. 20 pt. Radius corners. Full color print both sides.

Regular list pricing that includes basic artwork is $174.95 plus shipping.

Winter time PWRA pricing looks like it will be… $159.00/1,000 delivered.

We also have a 500 piece option for a bit less.

Do you have a sample of how the gift cards look

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That’s a good price Tim!

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We put gift cards on our site before Christmas, so-so results. We will push them harder next year. I think the services we all offer really is a good idea for a gift for people who are hard to shop for or wouldn’t typically think to do it for themselves.

This is a photo provided by Scott Davidson when he received his gift cards.

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Wow that looks great. What would be the cost of 500?

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500 pieces, 20 pt plastic, with rounded corners, full color print on both sides, shipping included, is wintertime priced at $129.00 for WCRA/PWRA members.