Giant P55W

Hey Everyone,

I picked up an older pressure washer over the winter and I’d like to get it making some money. Its a Briggs 11hp with a belt drive Giant P55W.

I’ve ordered everything assuming its going to put out 4gpm at 3kpsi, is this a fair assumption? I’ve looked up the pump online but my label does not match the numbers I’m seeing online.

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I love old stuff. Keep it alive man. I’ve been contemplating this one, 1979 model. 16hp Briggs and 6.5 gpm hypro. $100!!

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Wow. Both those machines are ancient. Do you want to be a pressure washer, or a small engine hobby mechanic? Nothing wrong with either choice, and tinkering can be a lot of fun. Not something I would have time for, though.



Hey! I resemble that remark…

I’ve been a shade tree / DIY mechanic for 25 yrs! There’s nothing like taking something old and decrepit, and using your own 2 hands to bring it back to life. Those old Briggs can be a bugger to start sometimes, bu I can promise you 100% they are just as or more reliable than anything you can buy in 2019. Every single part was crafted with PRIDE, in AMERICA, by AMERICANS. That sir, is something to be proud of, and deserves to be kept alive! If I can find parts for that hypro pump, I’ll definitely buy it and get it up and pumping. Unfortunately it was discontinued in 1995. I’m not giving up though.

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I’m sorry I can’t help, but I do agree that starting out with a equipment that old would certainly be a disadvantage, especially since professional pressure washing equipment takes a beating and downtime is a profit killer. I would not want to make my primary workhorse a pump that you can’t even find parts for anymore.


I definitely agree. But is fun to revive old iron and u never know it may even make a few $$$$!

When I was pipeline welding, I ran a 1965 Lincoln SA200 Redface. 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING you can buy today can weld like an old redface.

If you pipeline welders had to choose between a SA200 or your wife it would be the welder every time. :grin:

I’ve never welded with one but have heard they have the smoothest arc out of any machine ever made.


No comment…

And yes sir. Nothing compares. An all copper wound DC generator is the smoothest, slickest welder ever made. I can make 7018 look slicker than any MIG. And twice as strong🤣

They literally don’t make’em like that anymore

I’ve heard that with these newer inverter machines there are software packages to where you can change the current to mimic those old welders. I bet you’d really have to know what you’re doing. I got a feeling there’s a little more to it than adjusting your arc force.

I have an older Dialarc that’s my go to for stick welding. I’ll use my Syncrowave for stick at times but mainly just for tig. I guarantee that Syncrowave won’t last near as long as the old Dialarc. I’d like to try an old SA200 sometime. I’ve used some really old welders at some power plant outages but they didn’t weld very slick. Probably from people beating them up from arc gouging with them over the years and not running off of two machines using a buddy whip. It’s hard them.