Getting your foot in the door


For you that have done, or specialize in, commercial what is the best way of getting your foot in the door. I have driven around town to about half of the properties a management company operates. Most if not all need their dumpster pads cleaned as well as their entry ways. The company manages Sonics, Domino’s mostly but have other food industry companies as well (around 30 in total).

If I am able to get some business I will get a surface cleaner. I have a Landa hot water machine pushing almost 5 GPM. So I believe I have the equipment to get running for now.

My business is formally formed with the state of Nebraska, so I have a Tax ID #. I remember reading about includingnthat in a proposal. I don’t believe there are special licenses needed to operate in Omaha but have reached out to the city to make sure. I have reached out to insurance cpanies as well to get insured.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Just trying to get started so I don’t have to go back to the middle east


Adwords, word of mouth, and walk ins.

Walk in the door and say hey your building is dirty. Is there a manager I can speak with. Manager tells you to call company A. Company A says call this person and they will tell you who is in charge of that building.

Lots of work but can be done.


Just to make sure I understand. Your two options are to spray water or Middle East!

Seems a bit extreme.


Not at all extreme. I have a special skill that is highly desired over seas (fly unmanned airplanes). If I can’t break into this then I have no problem going over to create a larger nest egg .



I can’t really speak to Property Managers. But if you are looking at Commercial chains, like fast food, you must must must get the District Manger’s contact info. They are the decision makers. Restaurants, Auto Parts, it doesn’t matter - DMs all the way.

How do you get them? Ask.

All you need is a helpful General Manager at a location. Go early in the morning before lunch or after 2:30pm. GMs usually are gone by 4pm.

Pounding the pavement is best. And having something the size of a doorhanger is a little better than a business card - you can display your pricing and packages, less likely to get lost/thrown away.


Thanks Jordie! I was hoping you responded since I knew you had some commercial accounts from all the videos I have watched of yours.


To sum up previous replies. Stick your foot in the door.


Go to a few of your local concrete companies/ suppliers. They will have a list of all the residential and commercial building contractors in your area. They will also have a list of concrete finishing contractors. Call and build relationships. These contractors always need things cleaned