Getting suction hose on a hose barb?

So how do you guys get suction hose onto hose barbs? I’m thinking about borrowing a heat gun from work to warm it up and make it more pliable to get into onto the hose barbs, but I’m wondering how everyone else does it? I’ve got 3/4" ID suction hose and 3/4" hose barbs (PVC, stainless steel, and brass).

Warm hose up with heat gun, want to get it where it’s just thinking about smoking, don’t melt it, put a little liquid dish detergent on your finger, smear it on barb, slide hose on while it’s still warm. Put on hose clamp and let it cool, may need to tighten hose clamp a little more after it cools down good.


Super thanks Racer!

I use the safety top off of a bottle of gassl for the welder. Stick in in vise, fill with water, heat with torch, stick end off hose in water till soft. Probably a lit easier heating a cup un the microwave but no fun in that


Could I do the same thing by boiling water on the stove and putting the end of the hose in it? That sounds like a really great idea. I would have never thought of that. Thank you!

I don’t have a stove ay my shop anymore after the flood. I have to be creative.

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You can use a lighter just don’t burn it and put dish soap on the barn like stated before. Make sure you have your hose clamp on the hose before you heat it up.

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That’s how I do it, and it works great, as long as you’re close enough to the work area that the hose doesn’t cool too much before you get to the fitting (rarely a problem)

@Racer suggestion of a little soap is a good one too, I’ll also use some silicone paste occasionally, but soap works fine.

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Heat gun at harbor freight is like $8 and once you have one you’ll find a million different uses for it. Heat shrink wire wrap non stop.

2 days ago I used it for removing the coil pack grommets from the tundras valve covers that had hardened and for skinning over the RTV before putting valve covers back on since it was 11 degrees out.

200k mile Tundra in below freezing temps sprung a leak.