Getting Ready to Jump!

Hello everyone,
Over the next few months, I plan on launching a new pressure washing venture in the SE and I have a few questions for you vets. I will preface the conversation by saying that I’m not taking this decision lightly. I’m 45 and ready to have something of my own. I am leaving a good roofing job (where I work for someone else) and I have 6 children. I’ve worked in sales and operations and have a great support system (wife) at home. I have saved about $20k to get started but am having a hard time deciding on a few things so I’m looking for some advice if y’all can help.

  1. Is the ‘bootcamp’ training at either PowerWashU or Powerline USA worth the expense? I am also considering the PowerWashU online courses

  2. Recommendations for prefab trailer purchases? Looking at a Powerline 23HD or a MudDog 8gpm (other suggestions welcome)

  3. I want to do both residential and commercial with windows. How much GL coverage do you recommend?

  4. What questions am I not asking that I should?

Looking forward to the conversation.

Just start reading

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^^^ what he said. Use the search bar to look up everything you want to know. You’ll learn what you need to know and so much more.

Just try to sift through the thread drift posts.:+1:

Start at the top of the page and read down. Come across some you’ve never heard of then search it and read all the threads. There’s way too much info to take in all at once.

I would read read read and look at building your own. The experience will help you have a better understanding of how your equipments operates as well as save you tons of money.

Where in the Southeast?

Before anything, Know if this is the line of work you want to pursue… I commonly see people make the big mistake of buying the best equipment only to find that they actually hate the work and everything else that comes with it…

It might be for you, it might not


I don’t have nearly the experience of these guys on here. What I can tell you is that being a newbie myself is to not make the mistake of thinking that it is cheap to start. The machine and or trailer setup is a big expense but so many more things need money. I.E Fittings, hoses, wands, attachments, turbo nozzle, Surface cleaners, cones, Insurance’s, chemicals, tanks, valves, tubing, bypass kit, ball valves, fabrication, ladders, soft wash stuff, extra garden hoses and sprayers, squeegees, buckets, di filter, signs, website, google ads, water reclaim system, gloves, masks, rain suits, boots, face shields for SH overspray, lubricants, tools (lots of wrenches) channel locks, vice, containers, trailer lock, triflow, engine oil, pump oil, gas, the list runs on and on.

I invested everything I made back into the business this season spent over 50k since May (fortunately $30k of it fully financed for new used truck and new machine (but last year spent more on a used machine and repairs than a new one would of cost).

I have two businesses so paid bills with first one and used all money from this business to get setup, 20k will go in a hurry if your looking to do commercial and big work. Finance as much as you can and work as much as possible. I had no idea what didn’t have until I realized I needed it. So many orders to Powerwash store, Envirospec, CWC supply and then all the trips to Home Depot for other things. Also for time sake I spent at least 30 mins or up to half a day sometimes before starting a job tinkering with fittings, hoses and pumps to begin soft washing with the pressure washer. Still messing with stuff 6 months later! It can be a rewarding business though and if you can make it through the initial startup it will do you well!

Like they said read, this place is a gold mine! Never seen a forum with so many cool people willing to help strangers out. Shout out to all the people who are helping me learn!


Coastal Georgia

Thanks for everyone chiming in. Great community here and hoping to be a part of it for a long time.

That narrows it down to 150 miles. I was going to suggest go work with someone for a few day, in fact 2 or 3 different ones but since you’re being secretive for some reason, not sure who to recommend.

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That’s actually accurate. Savannah to St.Mary’s, along the 95 corridor is where I would be willing to take work. This was my roofing sales territory for years and I have a lot of good relationships with rental and vacation property managers, GCs, and commercial property owners. If you have contacts in the business anywhere in GA or SC that would let me get my hands dirty and pick their brains for a few days, I’m willing to invest the time. That goes for anyone on this forum as well. Thanks again… appreciate the community here very much!