Getting Paid.. SLOWLY

Hey all this may be categorized wrong but heres my issue.

After a job is done we send the invoice immediately before leaving the job site through the Joist app. Most pay with CC within a few days some do checks and those are received within two weeks and I love when we get cash.

BUT some customers just poke around about paying. My contract states I’m to be paid in full within 14 days. How do you you all politely tell people to pay me my damn money when those customers come around. Debating on sending a followup email after 7 days then something at 10 days etc.

Most commercial accounts pay every 30 days. I have some that pay every 45. You can threaten, add late fees and stuff but most are gonna pay when they’re gonna pay

I understand the delay with commercial accounts but not residential. Sorry should have been more clear on that part.

For residential, you can add a late payment fee to your estimate and have them sign it upon arrival. If that doesn’t light a fire under there rear ends, then take them to court for theft of services. On residential, I require payment upon completion.

Not much you can do if residential doesn’t pay. I don’t do much residential anymore but I still have 20 houses or so every year that don’t pay. You can take them to court, tie up have a day at clerk of courts office doing paper work, another full day in court for the judge to say it is a legitimate debt and must be paid. He doesn’t give you any money but will suggest the customer and you set up a payment plan. Or the customer will say the job wasn’t satisfactory and the judge will only award payment for materials but not labor. Or you can spend a day at the court house taking out a lien and if you’re lucky you’ll be paid if they ever sell their house. Not worth the hassle.

I’m always paid residents the day of work… never in my 3 years had one not pay… Now banks, wall marts, gas stations I have to wait 30 or so days which u expect it that way… When you send a W6 with a bill its just that way…
Now I don’t like dealing with these Asian Indians hotel, station owners…
Now don’t even quote to so see the job…

I have never sent a residential customer a bill. I always ask them, before I come out, if they want to pay by check cash or credit card.

I don’t take credit cards. My guys slip the invoice in the door and leave. If you knock on the door they want to talk, walk around and look at the house, go find their check book etc. Less customer interaction the better.I

Scott, we’re in Missouri, which I believe is the only state where your lawn guy can put a mechanics lien on a property for non payment. We fall somewhere in between lawn guys and painters from a conversation I had with the DOL. I’m not saying put a lien on the property, but put it in your contract. Send me your email and I’ll send our contract language. It clearly states we get paid the day the job is done.

Also, as far as not getting paid right away I haven’t run into the problem too often, but when I do I send the invoice daily until it’s paid.

Subject line day 2: Reminder for payment due.
Day 3: 2nd reminder for payment due.

With joist it’s easy to resend daily.

Haven’t run into anything beyond 3 days on the residential side.

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In 3 years never had a payment problems. My proposal clearly states due upon completion. If they’re not home, just send invoice with link for my Paypal acct or they can send a check. Knock on wood, lol. Probably just jinxed myself.

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Why do you have 14 days? Put due upon completion.


Thanks for the advice everyone I agree with alot of the things stated above. But I think I may edit my contract and ask for payment due upon completion seems thats what most are going with.

Wow! I go out of my way to interact with customers. I can’t tell you how much additional business I get one I get to know them.

I don’t want more business. It’s hard enough trying to get everything squeezed into the schedule now.

In the 5 yrs ive been in business. Only one time have I been jerked around for money. A chiropractor from iran. After getting no reply from him I went to his office and politely demanded my $$$. It worked