Getting asphalt off of concrete

Ok so it looks like these people had Stevie Wonder put in their driveway…lol If you can’t tell from the picture its asphalt on a concrete landing pad of their deck.

Whats the best way to get this off the concrete. I was thinking of pretreating with Eatoils and then hitting with hot water and 8gpms, or I have a Soda Blaster too, if that will not work?

What would you guys do? What would you charge for something that is this small, but could be a PITA?

Thanks in advance.

That looks like the tac compound they use to bond fresh asphalt to existing edges. It is comprised of many things including tar. I don’t think anything will completely remove that and if it did I would imagine it being very caustic

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Kerosene will remove Tar/Bitumen

EaCo Chem’s C-Tar-Melt.

EaCo Chem Inc. Cleaning and Restoration Compound Manufacturer

Trey…dude that’s awesome. Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.
Have you used this stuff before, what’s it like to deal with?

I haven’t used it. I do have a sample bottle of it laying around in the shop. It’s pretty straight forward, use it out of the bottle…don’t dilute…give it some good dwell time…guessing around 15 minutes. I would recommend hitting it with a double application.

Hey Trey what does a bottle cost? Just went on their website and they don’t have prices listed?
What would you even charge for something like that? Thanks again.

It’s around $27 a gallon or so.

I’d charge a minimum price for it…or you can throw it in for free if you can upsell them on a house wash or something.